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You can work from home, from any company office, from a browser. Just prepare data, select the forms and press a button to fill the forms.


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You can try our automatic mapping, or map fields between excel and Form fields manually.

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Does not matter where your team is located. Can be in the same office, can be spread all over the world, they will all have instant access to the latest templates you set.

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Accessible on all your devices

Works on Excel Desktop version and in Excel Online - in your favorite browser.

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Fast response, you can rely on us to support your team.


Catalin Bombea

Co-founder, CEO

Senior Excel Developer


Dorin Bombea

Co-founder, COO

IT Engineer



Excel Experts, PDF Forms designers, web developers

Need Help?

We are a group of experts with a deep knowledge of Excel and PDF forms. If you need our help for a custom Excel application, or design excel templates and forms to be used in ExForms system, just let us know. 

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